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 About Me 

“Being the Centre of attention” was the common remark in Glenn’s report card growing up, and not much has changed.

Glenn started his entertainment career in radio at the age of 16, in the 15 years he was in the industy Glenn covered all area's including sales, promotions, production and On Air. 

Not Long after starting in radio Glenn began DJing parties and wedding and moved into hosting karaoke shows. 

Singing has always been apassion of 

Glenn’s, this became apparent at the age of 5 when he sang the theme to The Greatest American hero instead of a nursery rhyme as the class recorded their voices on a tape recorder.

After meeting a keyboard player when hosting a karaoke show one evening the decision was made to chase the singing career Glenn had always longed for.


Gig after gig Glenn perfected his craft, not only as singer but as a front person and soon gained the reputation of the  “must have act at our wedding".  In 2009 Glenn traveled to the USA to continue developing his voice and had the amazing opportunity to learn from vocal coach to the stars “ Seth Riggs “, whose students included Josh Groban, Stevie Wonder & Michael Jackson (to name a few) - all artists that Glenn gained inspiration from.

On Glenn’s return to Australia he was approached to join “Plastique“, one of the biggest names in the corporate scene at the time, and traveled the land performing for some of the biggest companies in Australia.  

Glenn formed his own corporate act “ Groovestar” in 2011 and since then has performed for some of the countries leading corporate clients. 

Glenn formed his first concept show " The Australian Michael Buble Tribut Show in 2013 and in 2014 Glenn join Grayboy Entertainment to take this show to the cruise ship industry which has seen him perform all around Australia, The South Pacific and Asia with P&O Australia, Holland America and NCL.

Glenn's latest project is Hit Parade, a musical tribute to the 50's and 60's, this show he is also currently performing on cruise ships 

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